To me, sex is such a basic part of our humanity, but as entertainment it is still shut away in the shadows – taboo. We glorify guns and big explosions, swords and all kinds of weaponry. We invent endless ways to kill each other and to die as a way to dramatize the human experience, and to create our shared reality. But what about sex? We cordon it off in silos. It remains an individual experience, deemed too *dangerous* for mass consumption. We allow pictures of guns which kill on social media, but not penises that create life. That is seriously fucked up logic.

As a story teller, I have always been interested in how sex informs our lives – top to bottom (no pun intended!). My work has always been – in some way – based on sex as a prime aspect of living – unequivocal, incontrovertible, always present. Sex to me has always represented freedom. If sex is taboo are we really free?

And, let’s be honest, sex is just damned entertaining! It’s one of the few ways human beings can make themselves and other people insanely happy – if only for a few minutes!

But sex isn’t the only thing that interest me. I’m interested in the trends that are leading us toward a strange and untold future. I’m interested in science and spirituality. I’m interested in fantasy. I’m interested in the things that scare us. Human beings need to dream, to explore the shadows, to revel in their unchecked ID.

So here I am. Will you join me?

Check out my site: There you will find long form fiction; three novels (one is a work-in-progress) and a short story, 18 episodes of an animated series I created called EVOCRONIK, and a bunch of what I’m calling “cyberpunk porn” which explores the private sex lives and backstories of characters from Evocronik. There’s also some music I’ve created for Evocronik, and a couple songs where you’ll actually hear me sing! LOL. I hope you like it.

Currently the site is updated once a week, on Fridays. I’ll expand that as this Patreon grows.

I’ve been doing this stuff for a long time, but have been skittish of embarking on Patreon, nervous that “you have to have a big following before anyone will pay you.” That may be true, but I have to start somewhere. I’m hoping that as people discover my work they’ll join me here to become a part of it and support it.

I’m doing this because it’s a life-long passion, and because I can… And that has sustained me through the years. But an artist needs an audience because ultimately creating a shared experience is the whole point of making any art.

The content on Anima Saoku is free. Your a member of my exclusive community you will continue to make that possible, as a patron, you’ll get access to exclusive work which won’t be made available to the public, this will be work you can collect and which will – hopefully – gain value over time. So check out those rewards.


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