Nina (our heroine)

Nina is the 25 year old girl at the center of Evocronik.  She’s a runaway who crossed the United States and ended up in Los Angeles, where she fell into trouble with her friend CC at the hands of drug dealers, and soon found herself “deported” to the ghetto of Angel City in the Port of Los Angeles.  There, Nina and CC were adopted by Madame Zora, who trains her girls to become concubine-warriors.

Reg (our hero)

Reg is 35 and a surgeon who stood by helpless as a series of laws severely curtailing what doctors can do to save lives, the Population Laws (“PopLaws”), came into effect in the late 2020’s.   The PopLaws are designed to reverse population growth by ending artificial life extension and limiting sexual fertility.  When Reg’s wife – a fellow doctor – died when a heart transplant she needed was given to someone rich and powerful, Reg went dark.  Now he serves the booming black market for human organs as a “harvester.”


Kiko’s father was an Asian crime boss who was brutally murdered as Kiko was forced to watch while being castrated.  This event deranged Kiko’s mind and sent him fleeing as a stowaway on a ship, where he wound up in Angel City at the age of 19.  Within a year, Kiko killed all of the Angel City “bosses,” and installed himself as kingpin, which put him on the radar of “legitimate” businesses who rely on the crime-controlled Port.

Aldous Quin

Quin is the tech mogul at the heart of “Black Delta” a multi-national shadow government, whose job is to develop a virus that will wipe out half of mankind, and re-engineer the human genome to create “homo sapien 2.0.”  After Black Delta takes over Quin’s business, he attempts to regain the upper hand by having himself uploaded into a computer.  Now a powerful AI, Quin can gaze into the far reaches of the real world and the virtual world, where he has developed a deep infatuation with Nina.

Ursula Plath

Ursula Plath lead population studies before ascending to the leadership of “Black Delta.” Secretly she’s had a long-time affair with Aldous Quin.

General Groves

James Leslie Groves is the great grandson and name sake of the man who lead the Manhattan Project and who oversaw construction of The Pentagon.  Groves has had a testy relationship with Aldous Quin over the years, and now that he has taken control of Quin’s business, his research, and his entire life – by forcing him to work for Black Delta – they are bitter enemies.

Jarvis Pendragon

Jarvis Pendragon is an underworld pirate, known for stealing the work of other thieves – like Reg – and holding it for ransom.


V-Bears are robotic companions and virtual-reality gateways.  Spike had been in Angel City for some time before he was given to Nina as a gift after she arrived in Angel City, pregnant, drug-addicted, and nearly dead.

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