Welcome to 2035 Los Angeles, a place where climate change and income inequality force millions to live on the fringe, where gangs battle to control the latest cybernetic implants, and once-respectable doctors now hunt to supply the black market for human organs…

Nina, a dominatrix living in the ghetto of Angel City, and Reg, a surgeon-turned-organ-thief, are destined to come together for the purposes of a shadowy global conspiracy called “Black Delta,” whose goal is to hit the reset button on the whole human race.

You can access Evocronik easily by typing evocronik.com into your browser – or, if you prefer – type evolutionchronicles.com.

Evocronik has a genesis going back into the 90’s.  It started as a screenplay called “Savage & Perverse,” a gonzo mash-up of Spike Jones crime story and John Waters trash film, about a dominatrix and a kidney thief.  Gradually, it evolved into a sci-fi / singularity drama, and became a novella – of sorts – in 2009.  I launched a series of animated shorts that debuted on Vimeo in the Fall of 2014, and Facebook, where the following grew to 10,000.

Creatively I wanted to do an R-rated / TVMA animated series that you might see on cable television.   But, being reliant on social media to spread the word, I grew frustrated that I was not able to really promote the show as I had conceived it, due to content restrictions on Facebook, Youtube, etc…  And, since I was working basically as a one-man shop, I got quickly burnt out trying to create full-on animated cartoon on anything resembling a consistent schedule, a problem indie comic book artists are all too familiar with.  It just comes with the territory!

I took a year off , and now Evocronik is back; this time as a webcomic-hybrid that will incorporate still images, animated gifs, 360 degree virtual environments, and short video clips.

And, now, the gloves are off.  I looked at the success people are having with cartoon-hentai porn on Tumblr, and decided to go whole hog in the X-rated direction.  And why not?  We live in a culture that celebrates violence, guns, and war.  But we keep sex in the dark – how absurd!  How will a pornographic sci-fi cyberpunk web series / comic stay true to it’s gonzo roots while attempting to present an actual plot that takes on serious topics?  We’ll see.

Stay tuned!

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