Evocronik Cyberpunk Animated Series: Vol 1

Meet Nina, a virtual dominatrix with a take-no-prisoners attitude, and Reg, a surgeon-turned organ thief… two outcasts struggling to survive in 2035 Los Angeles, where millions desperately compete with high technology which has taken their jobs, and where desperate measures are being taken to reduce overpopulation.

Evocronik Cyberpunk Animated Series: Vol 2

A shadow-government conspiracy called “Black Delta” hatches a plan to change human civilization for ever. General Groves, one of Black Delta’s leaders, finally puts tech mogul Aldous Quin under his thumb. Meanwhile, Reg bites off more than he can chew when his nemesis, Jarvis Pendragon, calls. And Quin makes a desperate bid for control.

Outland Hotel: A Novel

A lone traveler arrives at the Outland Hotel carrying a prized edition of John Milton’s “Paradise Lost.” He is none other than Jonathan Peabody, one time author, henpecked husband, and distressed father, who has arrived at the Outland through recurring sex dreams.

Evocronik Novella

In 2035 Los Angeles, a dominatrix and a kidney thief fall into the center of a shadow government conspiracy to dramatically alter the human race.

Auto Erotic Cat: A Novel In Progress

General Simon Regis – a tomcat – shares a psychic link with his sexually-budding housemate, named Ian. When the pair learn that they’re leaving their apartment to live in a country farmhouse with Ian’s young mother and her new boyfriend, a mysterious politician, their life takes a chilling turn.

The Magicians: The Crystalon Vortex (Fan Fiction)

Quentin Coldwater meets Professor Martin Chatwin at Breakbills. It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship…