Integrating the Studio Monitors...

… into my small space is a challenge!  Also, I’m situated in a corner – which is a no-no for sound – more about that later…

Stand Pedestals Were Too Big!

…So I had to replace them with custom-made wooden ones, painted to match the floor so they won’t be distracting…    For this space I’ve done a lot of work to reduce clutter…  My workstation and all the electrics are on the other side of the wall.  That makes things really nice!

Need More Outlets!

When I built this room I underestimated how many outlets I would need… Fortunately it’s easy to insert a new set of outlets into the system… Now I’m all set, I just have to get cables to run to the monitors.


The power cable that shipped with the monitors was too short for the one on my right, so I had to buy a longer cable especially for that monitor, as well as a Y, phono-to-XLR cable to pipe sound from the computer to the monitors…  I’m pleased with the results!

My New Monitors Look Great!

Glad to have these puppies.  It took about a day’s work to incorporate them into my setup… customizing, drilling holes for cables, touch-up paint for the wall, new electrical…   It’s worth it!

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