Who knew making cum was so hard?  It’s a real challenge.

Working with 3D models, I naturally want to work with 3D.  But getting this effect with 3D is difficult.  If you look in a lot of hentai porn videos, most cum looks like somebody turned on a water hose and painted the water white…  That’s because fluid systems are not really setup to simulate male ejaculate!  LOL.

I’ve actually had some success creating cum spurts with Blender, so it’s tricky but possible.  For now it just goes up then down along the z axis… I need it to travel along the X or Y axis… also I have to work out the landing splashes…

So for now, it’s just good-old Photoshop.  I’ve been studying a lot of other artists’s work to get the hang of it…  In the process I think I’ve come up with a style that’s all my own…  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!

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