All the sound for Evocronik has been mixed in headphones.  This is a challenging task because headphones don’t really provide the truest picture of the sound of your mix.  Really I should invest in some open air headphones, which people recommend for most cases when you’re trying to do a headphone mix.  It sounds more natural and more accurate.

But for really accurate mixes, I needed – and have long gone without – a decent pair of reference monitors.  There’s a lot out there in the $100 dollar price range, the Mackie CS3s, for example, come highly recommended.  But when I heard them in a youtube video, the sound seemed awfully compressed, and in comparison to these – the JBL LSR305s – there was no contest.  JBL wins, with it’s clear full-bodied representation of the sound and clear, warm bass.  They were $300 for a pair, an easy price to pay when you consider what really great studio monitors cost.  These at least put me in that ballpark.

I also have an emotional connection to JBL… My father had a pair of gigantic JBL speakers I grew up listening to.  They were massive, loud, and beautiful to hear.  So I’m happy to have these.  They’re going to help me to do some great new mixes!  I can’t wait to hear them!

First, though, I have to do some modifications to my studio, and I’ll be posting about that soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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