Bringing in a new character is always a challenge because of all the work involved with setting it up; design, modelling, texturing, rigging…  It takes time.  And wrangling all the software involved in creating the characters is not for the weak hearted!  And each opportunity I get to make a new character allows me to improve my skills.  So it’s fun. It’s something I love to do, but – whew! – it’s a lot of work!

CC is a character I wrote in the novella (keep reading here!) and is a character I wanted to bring into the comic – visual fold.  A TS runaway Nina met on the streets of Hollywood shortly after she herself arrived as a runaway, Nina found CC playing a full drum set on Hollywood Blvd – just wailing – and brilliant.  And there’s a whole story I’ll get to about how CC and Nina got into trouble and wound up in Angel City – the ghetto featured prominently in Evocronik.


CC was originally written as a boy, but I wanted to evolve him.  It seems the closer we get to the post-human “singularity” the more our sexual identity is expanding to include a polymorphous biology where male and female merge and alternate depending on your mood!  All the characters in Evocronik reflect this to some extent.  Nothing is quite out of bounds!

I’m still honing on a visual style that I hope makes Evocronik really appealing.  It’s all about lighting!  I’ve spent hours and hours with different lighting setups, and I think with these pinups, I’ve locked into something good.

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