Here we go again,
the primal dark is on your rose
restless in sleep you fight to keep
the world you know

Ancient and silent
you throw your head
you want that height
You’ll do anything
but flap your wings
lazy and grounded

You give away
your precious gold
you criminal
You lose your blood
in torrents on the floor
Need I say more?

Come around some night
you’ll be on your knees
smoking the prime bone
Reaching, fruitless, never…

Shaking, desperate
in the dark
you look for love
you look for a way out

Bird in the cage
you know it’s time
to lose your mind

Urban Hunters

by Naomi Nemesis (feat. Matthew Curtis)

(Cure For) Melancholia

by Naomi Namesis, Paul Antonio Ortiz, Stefan

I never felt such pure love in my hands
feel you tremble I understand
in your blue sky I’m scheming
in your ocean depths I’m dreaming

I feel there is no cure
for the endless wastes I’m leaving
now heaven beckons me, yeah
no other world I see, so hooked into you baby
deep inside where free, yeah

You burn me to my roots so I can’t stand
leave me vacant I’m whole again…

I put this song together the night of the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris,
and added the piano intro/outro as a tribute.
“Jes suis charlie!”

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