Being tied up is Guy’s favorite game.  He says it relaxes him.  He likes coarse rope, the kind they used a long time ago on gun ships, y’know, like the ones you see in video games?  I hate the stuff.  I mean, c’mon, lol!

We’re in Virtua. We got nylon and nano polymers, why the fuck does he want the old stuff?  Dios mio! He’s takin everything I can dish out like a man, and he’s so cute when his face gets flushed and purple.  But his hands… dude, purple balloons.  I mean he needs a doctor for those hands.  You should see him after we’re finished, all tore up.  His wrists have deep dents, whelps all over his rib cage and down his back, ass red as a baboon’s.  White socks all dirty… and his underwear… let’s not go there.

I’m a take-all-comers girl.  Gotta make a living y’know.  I don’t judge my clients.  Guys do whatever… and I get paid.  Yessir, I get my money on time! Just wait till I get done with this guy.

But I’m extra hot today.  I must be close to ovulating soon, and I just can’t take this guy pissing in his underwear as I straddle him.  I’m just… ok… I said it.  Don’t be so shocked.  And get that goddamn look off your face.  If you can’t handle a little pee, you just wait.  I’m just getting started, wammy.

I’m either ovulating or there’s something up with the system today, cuz I’m getting these little electric buzzes in my head… these little… things…  I don’t know what they’re called.  You hear things, of the pills going wrong… something about enzymes?  I dunno.  We never had rumors like this with the V-Bears, and it don’t matter cuz dem pills is a shit ton mo hirez then the bears, I’m tellin’ ya’ll, but there’s tell about the pills, some chemical or toxin.  Hax spike them all the time – hirez stuff.  Started doin’ it as soon as the pills came out.  Anyway, bad reaction in the brain, signals get all mixed up, and people die from it sometimes.  I can’t tell you an exact number.  I don’t know that shit.  You hear people say, it’s all part of the conspiracy, but I’m not like, y’know, one of those people who knows what the fuck’s going on.  They just say you get hot flashes, a little dizzy, then you die.

Fuck, those Hax better hope Mistress Nina does not die!  She’ll be comin’ back, wamchaka hirez-el-Diablo-style kick some Hax muthafucka’s ass!  No chatter on the whore, but I can feel the shit getting buggy.  HWTH.

The ropes feel sluggish, and Guy is lookin at me impatient.


“Shut up, pig.”  He lunges off his pillow at me, teeth gritted, and I slap that boy, hand like a brick goin’ cross his face.  He lets loose, and I feel his pee all over my leg… all over the bed.  Fuck him. I start strangling him.  He looks at me.  I don’t let up.  My black gloved fingers clench like vices.  He starts to bug out.  His face turns red, so cute. Then he turns purple.  I keeps squeezing.  He can take it.  We have trust, and I know just how far to go.

We’re not like in love or anything.  I’ve been seeing him for a couple weeks now.  He just passes out.  I climb off of him, reach for that towel and clean his piss off my legs.   The smell of it anchors the air.  It’s like… asparagus?  Pfft!  You won’t find any asparagus in Angel City.  Only a cracker-head like Guy could afford it.  He’s some hi-powered agent, books sims for TV sitting with his latte and porn star girlfriend from Kansas at The Standard or Le Dome at Sunset Plaza.

I go behind the screen with the Moorish designs on it, turn on the digital bath and hot water comes pouring out of it, an endless supply.  It’s virtual, of course, but with feedback tuned just so, you never know the difference.

I drop into the Queen Anne chair, like the one my mother had.  I still remember it, sitting in the living room all ratty in our apartment at the military base in Germany, I think… or was it Saudi Arabia… surrounded by her silk scarves and a little tea set.  My memories get a little mixed up.

I sit and I pull my shoes and undo the garter, pull my stockings off.  Get rid of the top and there I am, tits and legs splayed, arms resting, crazy goth skin and head to toe tattoos, Coop devils…

I lean my head back and close my eyes hoping to give this electric feeling in my head a rest.  I love Coop!  Then I get that picture; mom’s Blackwater lieutenant, framed with the sunlight streaming behind him.  His memory comes up every once in a while, wamchaka, like a snake out of a hole.

I’m ready for that bath!  And maybe… maybe a hit of Blue.  Fuck!  It’s in my bag in rl and I can’t get to it…

The Lieutenant is holding it in his fat brown fingers, lookin’ at me through black rimmed eyeglasses, whiskers, fat lips, smiling just so; the fifty caliber shell, the one missing its depleted uranium round.

“Is it like that?”  I can remember my little girl voice, just quivering.


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